"Tik Tak" — a zine about the transience of time.

210 x 148 mm, 16 pages, 2019

“Mirage” — an AR installation for the DIGI-GO exposition at the Vondelpark. About the fading line between the digital and the physical world.


"Huidhonger" — a zine about the craving of being touched: skin to skin.

297 x 210 mm, 24 pages, 2019

"Mitosis, my dear." — spread for risograph printed magazine Wobby Club, issue #22 'outbreak'.

170 x 250, 2020

"THIS IS MY ROOM" — an interactive website on which you can digitally visit Noa's room from anywhere across the globe.


"Killing Time" — a booklet in a booklet in a booklet about a strange incident featuring subject #002 and a God that lives inside a machine.

297 x 210 mm, 32 pages, 2019

poster design for Zomerlab of ArtEZ.


"Fundamentals" —glazed ceramics and bricks.

21,2 x 20,8 x 40 cm, 2019

"Oogappel" — a zine inspired by 'Le Petit Prince'.

297 x 210 mm, 24 pages, 2019

"Half Mens" — graphite on paper.

420 x 297 mm, 2018

"Bar Fight!" — small booklet that can be unfolded into an A3 poster.

74 x 105 mm, 2 sides, 2019

"Genesis" — overview of a series of work made inspired by various creation myths.



Noa Zuidervaart (1999) is an artist based in Zwolle, the Netherlands. His work focuses primarily on character and narrative based illustrations and installations that take the form of fictional memoirs.